Best nail polish remover in Pakistan

Have you ever been in a situation without nail polish remover when you needed to remove the old polish before applying the new one? In such situations, almost all girls realize the importance of nail polish remover. You don't need to worry, because we have a good solution and a product that is easy to take along.

Most of the nail polish removers are made of acetone but its smell is really bad and not only that a large amount of acetone is not good for nail health. Acetone is specially used to remove paint stuff. Do you know, breathing large amounts of acetone for a long period of time can cause irritation to the nose, throat, and eyes? Why use products containing acetone if it is so dangerous. We have a known product made with a safe and gentle formula.

We are pleased to introduce blesso fruity flavor nail polish remover pads which are the best nail polish remover without acetone as well as non-volatile. Not only that, they are available in three fruity flavors, raspberry, orange, and lemon. Now, with blesso nail polish remover, remove your nail polish with a pleasant scent.

Benefits of blesso nail polish remover

  • Carriable
  • Simple to use
  • beautiful packaging
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Available in 3 different flavors
  • Easy availability
  • Aromatic scent
  • Contains 32 pads
  • Is stain-free
  • Blesso nail polish remover price is affordable
  • Non-volatile
  • Remove nail polish quickly
  • Doesn’t dry or damaged skin

Qualities of the best nail polish remover pads 

Must not contain harmful chemicals

In the market, you can purchase various nail polish removers or you can purchase paint-removing chemicals as well, which will remove nail polish quickly, but it will also damage the nails. Therefore, you should always choose a nail polish remover that is free from harmful chemicals just like blesso nail polish remover.

Must be gentle and quick

It does not mean that the nail polish remover wipes will work slowly just because they do not contain harmful chemicals. Hence, you must find a remover that is quick, gentle, and chemical-free such as blesso nail polish remover pads.

Must not dry or damaged the nail or skin

It is important that you do not damage your nails with nail polish remover. Your nail polish remover might contain chemicals that can dry or damage your nails, if your nails are already damaged then it's time to change your nail polish or nail polish remover brand.

Simple to use and easy to carry

One of the most essential makeup tools is a nail polish remover. You might know it if you have been in a situation when you need it the most but you did not have it. You should have a nail polish remover that is convenient and easy to use so that you can get your nails done quickly and easily wherever you are.


How do you use nail polish remover pads?

Before using nail polish remover pads, make sure your fingertips are clean and dry. Remove the pad from the pouch, and then rub along the nail to remove the polish. When the nail polish is hard to remove, let the pad sit on the nail for some time and let it soak, then try to remove it again.

What kind of nail polish remover do salons use?

Acetone nail polish removers are commonly used in salons. Despite its powerful properties, acetone is highly damaging to the skin because it removes the natural oils as well. Several salons do not use acetone for nail polish remover and use flavored pads instead. 

What is the easiest way to remove nail polish quickly?

However, acetone is damaging as well as quicker and easier to remove nail polish. As opposed to acetone, we recommend using a non-acetone formula to remove nail polish. Yes, it will take time, but it won't affect the natural shine of your nails.

Does vinegar remove nail polish?

Yes, vinegar can remove nail polish because of its acidic qualities. However, it will not work as a professional product. Furthermore, the smell will remain on your fingertips afterward. In an emergency, if you don't have anything else, you can use it to remove nail polish.

What is the acetone nail polish remover?

Acetone is a solvent that can efficiently remove nail paint; however, it can be very damaging because it removes the natural shine and moisture from the nails as well.

Is nail polish remover dangerous?

Nail polish removers are generally not hazardous, but excessive use of removers containing damaging chemicals can damage your nails. Therefore, use blesso nail paint remover pad that does not contain any damaging chemical that dries or damages the nails.

Can I use a nail polish remover pad twice or more?

If you keep the pads after you've used them, they won't work well next time. Therefore, use them once. But yes you can use them to clean different nails at once, don't keep them for the next time as they won't work well. 

How can I remove nail paint if I don't have nail paint remover? 

If you have a medical kit in your home, you will find alcohol rubbing pads inside of it that can remove nail paint. Secondly, hand sanitizers also contain alcohol; it can also help remove nail paint. Furthermore, you can use toothpaste to remove nail polish because it contains ethyl acetate that is also used in different nail polish removers.


Nail polish removal is an essential part of nail care. In the market, there are many nail care removers available, but we recommend using a blesso nail care remover that contains no harmful chemicals such as acetone. With the blesso nail care range, you will achieve the best results that will enhance your nails' beauty. There are three flavors of Blesso nail polish remover pads: raspberry, lemon, and orange. Additionally, these pads are so easy to carry that you can take them anywhere.