How to apply nail polish professionally

Yes, it was hard to apply nail polish especially for newbies but not anymore after this blog. We will try to cover each and every trick so you can apply nail polish easily even if you are going to apply it for the first time.

Those who have applied nail polish for the first time know how difficult it can be to get a perfect application. It is nearly impossible to apply nail polish when you are not a professional, because it often turns gloopy, patchy, uneven, or takes hours to dry.

Before going to nail polish application, Lets search for the good quality nail polish so you can easily apply it on your nail and that must be free from different harmful chemicals that can damage your nail. Don't worry, if it is hard for you to find one because we have one to suggest. Blesso nail polishes are the best in Pakistan. It is easy to apply and dry also it is free from different harmful chemicals.

To achieve a professional nail look, let's apply nail polish in a few easy steps.  

Step 1 - Remove old polish from your nails  

Before applying nail polish, remove any existing polish. We suggest using Blesso nail polish remover pads to remove nail polish because its non-acetone formula won't dry or damage your skin. Additionally, it will remove nail polish smoothly. 

Step 2 - Trim and shape your nails

Secondly, trim your nails and shape them if necessary before painting them. Very important things, if you have small nails then trim them and give them an almond shape. Thus, your nails will look bigger and nicer.

Step 3 - Push back cuticles smoothly  

Do not push or remove your cuticles when they are dry, you will either cause bleeding or pain. If your cuticles are dry, moisturize them first and then gently push them back with a cuticle pusher. To moisturize cuticles you can use any of the Blesso moisturizing creams such as Almond and honey moisturizing cream,  Fruity moisturizing cream with Amla, or Ultimate healing hand cream

Step 4 - Apply nail paint

After you're done with trimming and cuticles, clean your nails and dry them. Now first apply a base coat and dry it for 3 minutes. After drying the first coat apply the second layer and dry it as well. In most nail polishes you get desired results in two layers but still, if you require one more layer then go for it but do not extend it more than that. 

Step 5 - Dry nail paint

Here comes the drying part of nail polish, many people on different platforms ask how to dry nail polish in fast and easy way. Well, there are different ways, let's discuss some of them. 

If you have a dryer then use it in cold mode to dry your nail polish, Also, you can use lamplight to dry nail polish. Moreover, cold water also can be a nail polish fixer. Instead of all of these things I would recommend you to use blesso nail polishes that will dry easily. 

Step 6 - Applying nail polish on the toes

The application of nail polish on the toes is a bit more difficult than on the hand, but if you follow the simple steps you can do it easily.

In order to apply nail polish on toes, utilize cotton to first make gaps in your fingers. Use your dominant hand to apply the nail polish, if you are left-handed, use your left hand, if you are right-handed, use your right hand. In addition to these two things, follow all the above steps for the toenail polish application such as nail trimming and removing cuticles. 


What is the best way to prepare the nails for nail polish?

First of all, remove your old nail polish from your nail and for that use acetone-free nail paint remover such as Blesso nail polish remover. Now, soak your hand in warm water and clean your hands. After exfoliating, you're ready to use nail polish. Furthermore, if your nail requires trimming, do it first and then repeat all the steps.

How do you apply nail polish to short nails and make them look bigger?

Applying nail polish sounds easy but we know it requires skills especially when you have short nails. First of all, if you have short nails try to trim your nails and make an almond shape. It will make your nails look bigger and easy to apply nail polish as well. Also, removing Cuticles helps your nails look bigger and nice. Furthermore, makeup artists suggest using dark colors for short nails such as navy blue, purple, and burgundy.

What is the proper way to apply gel nail polish?

To apply any nail polish, start with cleaning your nails & hands and removing Cuticles. Moreover, removing old nail polish and drying nails are important as well. Now gently shake the nail polish bottle and apply a thin layer of gel nail polish. Let the nail polish dry under the lamplight. After the first layer dries, apply another layer and dry it as well. Remember do not apply more than 3 layers otherwise it will look messy, uneven, and hard to remove as well.  

How do you apply glitter nail polish?

Apply the base coat first for the glitter nail polish and let it dry. Now, cover the skin around your nail with paper tape so that you don't get polish on your skin, and then apply the glitter nail polish. It's also possible to apply glitter nail polish with a sponge, in that way, you will be able to get more glitter on your nails as the sponge will soak up the liquid.

Which is the best nail polish in Pakistan?

Blesso nail polish is the best in Pakistan. Because of its beautiful color range, you can easily get your favorite color according to your taste.

Where can I buy nail polishes for my makeup box? 

Look for the Blesso nail polish range if you want to fill your makeup box with lovely colors. Blesso nail polishes include all the wonderful colors according to your taste and glitter nail polishes as well. 

How many layers of nail polish are fine?

For the nail polish, three layers are okay. For most colored nail polishes, two layers are sufficient to achieve a professional look, but sometimes a third coat is necessary for a smooth and finishing look. Thus, three layers are fine. Moreover, after each coat, you must let your nails dry.

How to dry the nail polish?

You can use different methods to dry your nail polish.  First of all, you can dry nail polish with cold water. After painting the nail, wait at least two minutes and dip it in the cold water for 3 to 4 minutes. It will help set the nail polish. Secondly, you can use cold air to dry your nails and for that, you can use the cool air button of your dryer to dry nails. Now last but not least buy nail polishes that dry easily just like Blesso nail polishes.


If you know the little things that matter while applying nail polishes, you can be a professional as well. Before you apply nail polish, trim your nails if necessary. Once your nails have been trimmed, exfoliate them and then apply paint. Also, do not keep applying layers of nail polish and make it even on all nails. For example, if you are applying 2 layers or 3 layers of nail polish, paint all the nails the same way. Additionally, you must dry your nails after each coat. Hope you can now apply nail polish professionally. If you have any other questions follow Blesso on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram where you can get all the information about different skincare remedies and offers for different Blesso products.