How to do waxing with cold wax?

Typically, people visualize a steaming vat of wax in a salon to get rid of unwanted body hair. However, waxing can also be done with cold wax at home. The traditional method of waxing is time taking and requires skill but we all can not go to the salon every time and can not do it at home because it creates a lot of mess. For that, Use Blesso cold wax because it is convenient, less time taking and does not create a mess as well.

There are quite a few different depilatory solutions available nowadays, but waxing is probably the most well-known. Although it is tough to use hot wax, you can easily do your own waxing using cold wax or waxing strips. In the following, there are a few easy steps you need to take in order to apply cold wax.    

How to use cold wax in few easy steps

How to prepare skin for cold wax

First of all clean and dry your skin before any waxing otherwise germs, sweat, oil, makeup, dirt, or other residues will cause infection. Furthermore, your hair must not be more than ¼ of an inch. 

How to apply cold wax

Take the Blesso cold wax and with the help of a spatula apply wax on the hairy area which you want to wax. While doing it make sure the wax covers all the area otherwise your hairs might miss while waxing.

Waxing paper for cold wax

You now need the Blesso waxing paper, which is made of nonwoven material with great strength. Also, It is Ideal for all depilatory waxes and convenient to carry. Additionally, all Blesso depilatory solutions including waxing are ideal for use in the salons or at home.

Use of waxing paper on cold wax

Firmly press the paper down on the hair growth and make sure that the paper covers the entire growth area. Now hold your skin and pull the paper off. Now your hairs are removed from roots and it will take weeks to regrow.

Blesso cold wax offers 5 different flavors, Cold wax lemon, cold wax with aloe vera extract, cold wax with fruity extract, cold wax with herbal extracts, and cold wax with rose extract. You can choose any of those according to your needs and requirements. 

What are the benefits of cold wax?

  • Ready to use wax
  • No heating for cold wax
  • Easy to use wax at home
  • No risk of burn
  • Remove growth in minutes 
  • Cold wax is less messy as compared to hot wax


Does cold wax need to be heated?

Unlike hot wax, cold wax is easy to use and does not require to be heated up. Since it doesn't require heating and skills, you can easily use it at home instead of going to the salon. Furthermore, even salons these days use cold wax.

Is it okay to refrigerate cold wax?

You can have cold wax at room temperature as it does not require refrigeration. However, do not put the cold wax in your drawer, closet, or bathroom as it attracts moisture. Furthermore, close tightly after use.

What is the best way to use cold wax for underarms?

Using cold wax on the underarms will be more challenging since you will be using only one hand. That problem can be solved. You can use wax strips on your armpits. Wax strips are ready-to-use strips that you can easily use at home on your own.

Is cold wax lasting as long as hot wax?

The cold wax gives the same results as hot wax. Waxing takes out the unwanted hairs from the root, therefore waxing lasts longer as compared to shaving. Furthermore, there are some more benefits of cold wax: it is easier to use, less messy, ready to apply, removes growth quickly and most importantly it does not need to be heated. Like hot wax,

Is it okay to shave missed hairs after waxing?

Shaving is not necessary after waxing. All you need is a proper guide as mentioned above and a good product like Blesso cold wax. Yes, you might need to shave hair before waxing because it will be painful and less effective if your hairs are more than 1/4-inch. 

Where can I get the best cold wax?

In Pakistan, Blesso depilatory solutions are the most widely available and can be purchased from stores, cosmetic shops, or online. Blesso offers different depilatory solutions such as cold wax, wax paper, wax strip, and hair removing cream. 

Does cold wax darken the skin?

Cold wax and waxing strips just remove hair from the roots which do not cause darkening the skin tone. Furthermore, the skin might appear darker after hot wax because it burns.

Do hot waxes perform better than cold waxes?

Hot wax and cold wax both work almost the same way, but cold wax has some additional advantages. You will find it easy, fast, and safe to use. 

What is the best cold wax in Pakistan?

Blesso cosmetics provide the best cold wax in Pakistan. Blesso Cold wax is the best and easiest way to remove unwanted hair from the legs, arms, face, and other parts of the body. It is safe, fast, and easy to use at home as well as in a salon. The Blesso cold wax helps to balance the moisture in the skin while removing hair, which is far superior to old-fashioned methods of waxing.  


 Thanks to Blesso cold wax, waxing is now simple - no heating, no burning, and no mess. Now if you don't have time for a salon it's completely fine. Blesso cold wax is so easy that you can do waxing on your own at home with no expert skills. The use of cold wax is becoming more common even in salons. Furthermore, with cold wax, you will get the best result that there will be no need for re-application. If you have more questions to ask, we are available on Facebook and Instagram. Come follow us and get to know about amazing promotions and answers to your questions.