How to choose and apply face powder professionally

A face powder is essential for all makeup lovers in order to prevent liquid or cream foundations from slipping off their faces. Powders like Blesso face powder, which is the best face powder in Pakistan, can also minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores.

Currently, the dewy look is very popular and many actresses from all over the world appear in different pictures, dramas, and movies with dewy looks.  There is a notion among some people that a dewy look is obtained without the use of face powder. But no, face powder is essential for a dewy look, especially the T area of your face where you get a lot of oil. The midday look of your makeup will be messy if you do not use face powder.

How to choose a face powder

  • Match The Right Shade
  • Choose The Right Finish
  • Pick The Right Texture
  • Easy packaging 
  • Easy to carry 

If you have any confusion and need help, ask the Blesso cosmetic professionals. 

How to apply face powder naturally

Let's see how to apply face powder in a few easy steps to have a professional make up look. 

  1. Pick the right face powder that matches your skin tone

You should always pick the right powder for your skin tone. If you can't find a powder that matches your skin tone, choose the closest one. As an alternative, if you look at the Blesso face powder range, you will find face powder that will suit your skin tone or you can ask the Blesso cosmetic professionals for suggestions.

  1. Wash your face make it clean, dry and Fresh

It is essential for you to wash and dry your face before any makeup application. This will make your face fresh and ready for makeup. Furthermore, the place where you apply the makeup should not be too hot. Due to sweating, your makeup will look ruined.

  1. Take a brush and load it with face powder

First of all, don't overload your brush with too much powder and do not apply it once, instead take powder whenever you feel like taking it and apply it when needed. The second thing, make sure face powder evenly applies to your face. Yes, after applying face powder you can fix the problem area and apply more face powder there as well. 

Your face is ready for the next makeup step now a very important thing, face powder to set the makeup. It's best to apply powder after your other beauty products such as concealer and foundation. It helps to set makeup. Take the powder on the brush and wipe any excess powder off, you can blow on the brush for that. Now apply on the foundation and concealer to set it.

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Is it okay to use face powder every day?

It is perfectly okay to use face powder every day as long as you choose one that matches your skin tone and is certified as well. Moreover, a quality face powder can improve your skin. While using any makeup product always choose a well-known and certified product just like Blesso makeup which is a well-known brand and providing certified makeup stuff.

What is the purpose of applying face powder?

Typical uses of face powder include setting makeup, brightening the skin, and contouring the face. Furthermore, the powder absorbs your skin's oil, so using powder will prevent your makeup from sliding off your face.

Is it better to apply face powder before foundation or after foundation?

In order to maintain the oil balance of your skin, applying powder before the application of foundation is more beneficial because it observes the oil although, you can apply face powder after foundation as well to set the makeup. 

Is there a difference between pressed and loose face powder?

Pressed powder is usually used to prevent concealer and foundation from fading. Loose powder is typically used to control oil on the skin so the makeup lasts longer. Overall pressed powder or loose powder are both important and work well to set the makeup for a long time period. 

What is the best brand of face powder?

As per consumer review comparisons, Blesso face powder is the best among different brands in Pakistan. It provides a smooth and silky finish and sets the tone for makeup. Moreover, if we look for the consumer reviews, Blesso face powder gets the most positive views as compared to others. 

Is face powder good for the skin?

Face powder is safe but make sure to use the face powder of a well-known brand just like Blesso face powder. Any unauthorized brand may contain harmful chemicals that can damage the skin. 

What is the best face powder to set the makeup?

Set the tone for your makeup with Blesso powder for a smooth and silky finish. It is a well-known brand in Pakistan and works well for different skin tones. Also, it will keep your Makeup fresh for a long time. Furthermore, we recommend that you use other Blesso cosmetic products as well since they are well formulated with the best ingredients that will not harm your skin.


Face powder is one of the essential makeup tools that help to set the makeup to achieve a smooth and silky finish. However, choosing the best product is very important so that you can achieve your desired results. In terms of face powder, Blesso is the best. As compared to other products, it has 99% positive reviews in Pakistan.