Eyeliner tips and tricks for beginners that will make you look awesome

No doubt eyeliner not only makes your eyes look beautiful, but it also enhances your overall face look. But using eyeliner is not that simple. Many people, especially beginners, accidentally poked themselves in the eye with their eyeliner.

There are a few tips and tricks. If you are going to follow them you will be able to apply any eyeliner such as liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, or pencil eyeliner easily like a pro.

Most people pull or tug their eyes when they apply eyeliner and it is a very common mistake. Your eyeliner bounces back when you release your eye after pulling it. This might give the eye an unnatural bumpy look, plus a strange check-mark as well.

Eyeliner can enhance your look but a little mistake can make you look worse as well. Don't worry, it is not that hard. You will learn the eyeliner art today.

Eyeliner Tips and tricks for beginner

Rest elbow while applying eyeliner 

Place your elbow where it can rest while applying eyeliner. This will give you a clean and precise finish, as you will have a steady hand when applying it. Whenever you are doing your makeup, it is best to be steady. 

Use magnified mirror

When doing makeup, a magnified mirror is essential. There are cosmetic stores everywhere where you can buy them. A magnifying glass can help you close-up the area where you are applying makeup. It is very helpful especially while using eyeliner.

Look down

If you want a perfect shape to apply eyeliner looking down. When applying eyeliner, most women look directly into a mirror. In this way, crooked lines, gaps between the liner and the lash line, as well as an overall messy appearance result. Instead, you should look down into a mirror to make sure the liner is close to your eyelashes.

Do not pull your eye

When you use eyeliner while pulling your eyes, you won't know what it will look like when you leave the stretch. Most of the time, when you apply eyeliner while pulling the eye, it looks good, but when you leave it, it looks messed up. Sometimes, when you leave the eyes, it bumps back and leaves some spots. Now because of these reasons you must not pull or tug your eyes while applying eyeliner.

How a beginner can apply eyeliner 

A business card will be useful in helping you to apply eyeliner straight and nice. Furthermore, business cards are not compulsory. You can use anything that looks like a business card.  Also, a newbie can use easily removable tape to draw perfect lines but make sure the tape must be easily removable. Now last but not least use a teaspoon for curvier lines with eyeliner. It is really hard for a beginner to make a curvier line with eyeliner. Thus, use a spoon for that.

There are other things as well that can help you but most of the time these three things are the best and most used home remedies while applying eyeliner. You can use other things as well that suit you to have perfect eyeliner. 

Cat eyeliner for beginner

Cat eyeliner requires a lot of skills. Because of this, beginners have a hard time doing it. For a beginner, it is best to use easy eyeliners. You can try cat eyeliner if you have steady hands and experience. Most of the time, when a beginner tries cat eyeliner, both wings look uneven and the look of the eyes and face becomes ruined.

Eyeliner Mistakes that most people do

Closing or pulling eyes while applying eyeliner

Never close or pull your eye while applying eyeliner. It might look good that way while applying but when you complete the eyeliner and leave the stretch it will bounce back and mess up.

Rounded wings

Do not attempt to make wings with eyeliner if you are not a professional. It's generally hard for beginners to make wings pointy since they don't know how to shape the tips of the wings correctly. Thus, if you are a beginner, keep it simple.

Eyeliner on just lower lash

Applying eyeliner to just a lower lash will make your eyes look smaller. You can, however, apply eyeliner to your lower lashes as well, but make it thin and apply thick eyeliner to your upper lashes so you can achieve better results.

Leaving Gaps

When you start applying eyeliner does not leave in between, because it will leave gaps and it is really hard to start with the same rhythm from the exact place where you stop. Therefore, try to put eyeliner in one go.


  • Is there a color that an older woman should use for eyeliner?

If you have mature eyes, black-colored eyeliner can be very harsh and draw attention to dark circles. Therefore, you should consider brown or plum eyeliners instead of black. Moreover, choose a shade of eyeliner that harmonizes with your skin tone and complexion. Try Blesso brown waterproof eyeliner, It works and goes perfect with many skin tones and looks natural as well.

  • Is bottom eyeliner going to make my eyes smaller?

If you apply eyeliner to the bottom, your eyes will appear smaller. To accentuate your eyes, apply the eyeliner just below your lower lashes. 

  • Is it a bad idea to put eyeliner on your waterline?

For your waterline, eyeliner is fine, but you have to be careful. The use of a good eyeliner will not harm the eyes, but if it is not used properly any eyeliner can cause itching. Overall, eyeliner is fine for the water lines.

  • What can I do to make my eyes look natural with eyeliner?

The eyeliner you use needs to give your eyes a natural appearance. If it is not giving then try Blesso eyeliners. Also, avoid using too much liquid eyeliner on your bottom lid, as well as going outside of your natural eye area like cat eyes will not give you a natural look. Just use eyeliner on your water lines carefully.

  • Which is the best eyeliner in Pakistan?

The best eyeliner must be long-lasting, give a natural look, and be water proof or sweat proof. In Pakistan, it is often hot and sunny, so eyeliner must not smudge because of sweat and water. Our recommendation is to use blesso waterproof eyeliner because it will last a long time and will not smudge.

  • Wearing eyeliner every day is okay?

It is okay to wear eyeliner every day. According to dermatologists, it is important to remove makeup before sleeping so that you can enjoy sleep without itchiness. Otherwise, eyeliner is fine, but yes, only use authorized products, such as Blesso eyeliners.


Eyeliner is one of the favorite makeup Essentials for those who love makeup at any time of the day. The problem is, it is very hard and difficult to apply because it requires a lot of professional skills and steady hands.  Apply our tips and tricks that will definitely work for you. Also, do not repeat the mistakes while applying eyeliner, especially those mentioned above. Good eyeliner should last long and look natural. In our recommendation try Blesso eyeliner because it will last longer, look natural, and is waterproof as well.  Here you will get the best tips and tricks about different makeup and face care products. Also, read our other blogs and be an expert in makeup and face care.