Whitening Double Action Cleanser 500ml

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Make your skin even more beautiful by keeping it healthy and clean. With Blesso double action cleanser, you get the ultimate cleansing treatment that gently treats all the skin impurities, leaving it clean, glowing and healthy. It contains lemon extracts which help in improving your skin complexion. Its quick way to revealing a healthy and beautiful skin of yours.

Directions For Use :
Take a generous amount of Blesso Double Action Cleanser and apply it on your clean and wet face and neck. Gently massage with wet fingertips for several minutes in upward and circulation motion. When turns dry, wet your hands again and continue to massage. Repeat this three to four times so it performs it deep cleansing action. Rinse away with clean water and remove with wet sponge or cotton ball. Use it at night to remove makeup or anytime you wish to cleanse your skin.