Magical Peel Off

Magical Peel Off

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Magic in a bundle. This is our newly launched facial kit which can be used to have flawless skin in minutes. It is used to remove all dirt & dead Cells from the skin. It deeply cleanses your Face, Neck, Hand & Feet. This facial treatment can be used twice a week but for the best result, you can use Blesso Massage Cream & Blesso Facial Foam on daily basis.

How to use

Step 1: Clean your face with Luke warm water.

Step 2: Massage with Blesso Massage Cream in a circular motion for 5 min. Rinse your Face 

Step 3: Apply Blesso Skin Polisher and start the massage with it, within 3 to 4 minutes it will remove all dead cells from your Face and Neck.

Step 4:Wash your Face with Blesso Facial Foam and with this MAJIC BEGINS