Whitening Massage Cream Almond & Honey 75ml

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Get a fully powdered moisturizing with Blesso Massage Cream infused with superbly enriched Almond & Honey extracts. It instantly moisturizes and removed dryness, flakiness and roughness on the skin. It’s an all-rounder moisturizing massage cream that works effectively in dry and cold weather. With its regular use, the skin will become softer, smoother, hydrated and you will feel radiant, all the time !

Directions For Use:
Wash your face and neck and cleanse away all the impurities with Blesso Cleaning Milk . Generously apply Blesso Massage Cream on your face and neck and massage with fingertips in circular motion. Massage for several minutes. Remove excessive residue with cotton or tissue.
For best result proceed by applying Blesso Mud Mask and Skin toner astringent.